Michael Pink

michaelp@milwaukeeballet.org      www.milwaukeeballet.org              +1 414 902 2111

Internationally acclaimed choreographer.

His dance works have been acclaimed

as narrative dance for the 21st Century

‘His imaginative, at times mind-blowing retelling of Dorian Gray reminds us that a centuries-old art form - codified by a frivolous and despotic elite, many of whom met their fate at the guillotine - remains a potent language in which to tell modern stories, communicate timeless truths, and challenge stale thinking. The stringent demands placed on the ballet body, the ascetic practice required to chisel that body, make it singularly suited to telling a tale that brims with fleshly pleasures and pain, that is obsessed with youthfulness and evocative of fluid gender identities.’

Carla Escoda Huffington Post